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My Aaptiv Story: Ryann Lohman Shares Her Fitness Journey

Welcome to #MyAaptivStory! We’ve been so impressed by the stories our awesome members have shared about how they’ve transformed their habits and routines and taken control of their workouts and wellness, and we wanted to give them the chance to tell the world, in their own words, how Aaptiv helps them fuel their fitness journey. This week Ryann Lohman shares her story. Where do you find your fitness and wellness motivation? I wake up everyday wanting to be a healthier me. I want to see progress and become stronger. I love nothing more than seeing my muscles pop! I think that alone makes me want to get up in the morning, get in an awesome session at the gym, or go for a run with Aaptiv, then eat clean the rest of the day. What’s your favorite type of music to work out to and why? I really love top 40 or house music! I love listing to music with a good beat. It makes me want to run that much faster or lift that …