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The Don’t List: Cycling Workout Don’ts

We’re back with another edition of The Don’t List. Today we’re taking a closer look at working out on a stationary bike. While this is perhaps one of the easier-to-use machines in your arsenal, there are still a few things you should avoid doing to ensure you get the best possible workout every time you hit the bike. To nail down things you should never do during a cycling workout we spoke with Aaptiv trainer Edouard Hall. Check out his tips below and start getting the most out of your cycling routine. 1. Don’t use any kind of weighted equipment while on the bike (i.e hand weights, body bars, or tubing) Lifting weight on a bike is ineffective and unsafe. Weight training is most effective when the body and core muscles are stabilized, this is difficult to accomplish on a bike. Lifting weights while doing a cycling workout will also alter your heart rate response which will interfere with energy zone training. 2. Don’t ride with one or no hands Riding with one or no hands on the …