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second trimester pregnancy workouts

New on Aaptiv: Second Trimester Pregnancy Workouts

Last month we announced the release of our pregnancy program and stroller workouts on Aaptiv. Now, we’re launching workouts specifically designed to help you feel your best during the second trimester of pregnancy. Join pregnancy and exercise guru Kira Kohrherr of FitBump and our pre- and post-natal certified Aaptiv trainers Amanda, Rochelle, and Jaime in doing these safe, effective workouts. Each class in this program is designed to prep your body and mind for a healthy third trimester and give you the foundational strength you need for a safe birth and recovery. What to expect Second trimester brings with it renewed energy. You’ll probably be feeling more like yourself and ready to dive into working out again. But, there are precautions that must be taken to prevent injury and to keep you and your baby safe. Our trainers have created a program that will guide you safely through weeks 13-27 of your pregnancy. Remember, however, that you should you always consult your doctor before starting any new workout program. The second trimester of our pregnancy program includes four classes …