Aaptiv 101: Treadmill

Our Aaptiv Treadmill running workouts are consistently some of more popular — no surprise, considering how convenient, safe, and adaptable treadmill workouts are. The machine is a cardio savior, especially on days when heading outside means getting soaked in rain, sweat, or some horrible mix of both. Why else do we love treadmill running? Let us count the ways… You control the terrain. You can program your run exactly to your needs, managing the speed, incline, and length of your workout with just a few buttons. It’s super safe. No need to worry about cars, pedestrian traffic, the weather, street lighting — working in a controlled environment means you can really tune out and listen to your body. It does your body good. A soft and springy surface is kinder to your joints and bones than pavement. And that means it’s perfect for runners in recovery or if you’re just getting started. It helps you progress. Most treadmills come with great monitors for heart rate and speed, and you can use these tools to track how … Continue reading Aaptiv 101: Treadmill